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It is important to start of the New Year off right, especially for those of us who have New Year’s Resolutions. We are all trying to look our best – we hit the gym, start a diet plan, but what about the clothes we have in our closet? Are they up to date with the new and improved bod? It is always a great idea to refresh your closet as not only the season’s change, but as you change. Whether it’s a 10 (which is a whole pant size) or a 37, these are some great guidelines on how to shop during and after your weight loss process.

Do not be afraid to ask for help! This is new territory so trust an expert and typically people do not have a starting point as far as sizes and fit so it is really important to ask a professional. This is important because shopping moving forward becomes a lifestyle and it is a great way to build good habits right in the beginning stages.
You have to start with the basics – these are simple pieces that can go with just about every outfit, for example: a tissue tee, a black blazer, the list goes on! I truly believe this is the best starting point when going for a new wardrobe; you always want your basics to be right on as far as a timeless style and a classic fit.

My first suggestion is to create a list. This list consists of basics that are needed and the style that you want to achieve. Shopping, or even thinking about shopping can be extremely overwhelming, especially after a weight loss or gain – all of a sudden the thought, “I have nothing to wear! Nothing fits!” creeps in. Not to fear! Just make a list.
Steps for creating your list

Your list is a tool that I will ask you to make and use as your stylist. Your list represents your style goals, which helps me assist you in achieving those.

Step 1: Decide your budget. This is another great reason to refer to a stylist to gage how much things cost and what is a realistic budget for the items needed.

Step 2: Pinterest is an incredible visual resource. Use this site to save looks to a bulletin and print the pictures as well.

Step 3: From the pictures make a list of the items needed to achieve these favorite looks.

Step 4: From there compare to my basics list and prioritize your list with budget. This will allow you to by what you need most a little at a time if that’s the case.
Shopping can be extremely overwhelming; in a typical situation I find a lot of people want to get all items shopped for in one stop. Although this seems like an effective use of time and money, it is not the best way to go about it, use a list with both basics and stylish items to achieve your style goals. If you continue to shop from this list on several different occasions, you will build a solid wardrobe foundation that will last years to come!

I have four things I always tell my clients:

1. Forget sizes!! This is a number and only a number. It has as much meaning as a number you take to wait in line at the DMV. It doesn’t define you! Keep that in mind when shopping and remember, you need a jumping off point to find your new size and fit so just get busy trying items on.

2. Don’t hide Yourself– This happens more often than not after weight loss. It is typical that people still feel like they want to hide behind clothes. There are some physiological hurdles here so take time to celebrate your efforts and hard work! It’s now time to show off that hard work!!

3. Realize this is an investment – Just like you have invested time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into your weight loss goals, the same is true for your wardrobe. Like the changes in your daily nutrition have become a new lifestyle, the same applies with what you wear and what you will buy for you new lifestyle. It makes sense to invest in a wardrobe that suits your new lifestyle and will serve your wardrobe and style needs for years to come.

4. Most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy the process. I hear all the time how much people loathe shopping. Again, get an expert involved because this process can and should be fun. Knowledge is power and most people struggle with not only with what to buy, but what looks good.


Take the stress off and enjoy the process by having me assist you.

Check out my interview with Joana Canals on Channel 2!








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