Necklaces & Necklines

Necklines & Necklaces

Sometimes it is tricky figuring out what accessories are appropriate for certain looks.

Here are some guidelines for necklaces with certain necklines:

1. Tops with a detailed collar – Just remember: N.N.N. – No Necklace Necessary! There is already so much going on around your neckline, a necklace would be too much.

2. Crew Necks/Boat Necks – These are tops with a high collar, usually sitting right on your collar-bone, right under your neck. Grab a long necklace for these – one that hangs around or below your chest.

3. The 3 S’s – Square, Sweetheart, & Scoops – Tops with a low neckline need an accessory to fill in the space above the neckline. Find necklaces that sit on your collar-bone with plenty of detail!

4. High Collard Tops – Chokers are the best fit for these tops.

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