Tips & Tricks to Keeping that Glow When it’s Freezing!

Being a Coloradoan, my skin hates me during the winter. It’s like a winter wonderland on my face with all of my dry skin (Gross right?!?) BUT we don’t have to worry about that anymore! All of these little tricks have helped me fight through the cold with skin that glows!

  • First and foremost – make NeriumAD your best friend. This product helps with literally EVERYTHING, especially dryness…which we all seem to struggle with when it’s cold out.

             Check out this site for more info: <–seriously AMAZING stuff.

  • Use extra moisturizer (don’t forget a separate one for your eyes!) – rub in well going in circles. 
  • Pack up your blush! The cold already turns our cheeks a nice pink hue, no need to add more. Nick Barose in Glamour Magazine suggested using peachy or bronze cream blush. It doesn’t leave your skin looking dry. The powder bronzer adds warmth. Apply after foundation or tinted moisturizer.
  • Avoid cracked lips by switching it up between your lip gloss and lip balm.

Good luck ladies. Only a few more months and it will be time to freshen up our make up bags!!

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