Valentine’s Day For All the “Other” Loves

It still surprises me that I hear so much grumbling and holiday bashing when it comes to the beloved “lover’s day”….I find this amusing because I have multiple loves in my life!  ALL of them make me, “me” and the loved and blessed individual I am.


Of course the good Lord, hub and the BG (baby girl) are all at the forefront as well as my irreplaceable, one in a million besties!!  There are also, my loves for styling, fashion, art, creativity including crafty DIY’s, reading, blogging, coaching, motivating, and food snobbing!! Oh, I forgot to mention; my pups, travel, music, antiquing, thrifting, decor and design!!!

With a list like this AND many of you have your own… we are loved, we LOVE and there is so much more that represents love than one day, roses and candle lit dinners!  With this is mind, isn’t a day dedicated to love something to be celebrated?

I love Valentine’s Day because it reminds me to take a minute and appreciate all the loves in my life and act on it…DSC_8863

I’m on a plane to Dallas and will be celebrating from afar with my loved ones and “loves” but I can assure you… they will all know their loved!

So if you are thinking Valentine’s Day is just for significant others… think again.  Remember, it’s always perspective!  So what is your perspective of the day of love?



Keely Sig1

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