How to Apply Everyday Makeup


Brush Tip: I can’t express how important it is to have quality brushes. I know plenty of women (before I got my hands on their makeup bags) that had one brush for all of their eye shadow palettes and application processes. You will not achieve the desired results using one brush or a brush that is not designed for the specific technique. I have a collection of MAC brushes and they have lasted me over a decade. I would suggest going to the MAC counter and asking them for the correct brushes for these techniques. They will give you a specific brush for all these techniques and with the right brushes and some practice, you will be an expert on your everyday look!

            Fresh Face – Start with a clean, fresh face.

    Apply your foundation of choice. This may be liquid, powder cream or mousse. I am personally obsessed with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua!

     Translucent Powder – This is such a great trick! How many of us end up with raccoon eyes when applying our shadow because the powder lands under our eyes and when we try to wipe it away it smudges and is there to stay? This will eliminate that frustration! Apply a translucent powder with a triangle makeup sponge by dabbing the powder underneath the eyelash line.

      Once you are finished with the translucent powder you are ready to move to your lids!

      All over lid – With the lightest shadow apply the shadow all over your lid from under your brow to above our lash line.

      Lid – Apply a medium shadow to your lid from crease to lash line.

      Crease – Using a crease brush, start at the outer corner of your eye and draw a line; an arch that follows your natural crease and stops directly in the middle of your eye. Do not follow the line back down to the outer corner of your eye, retracing the arch. Instead, lift the brush and start again at the outer corner of your eye and repeat drawing the arch 3 to 5 times depending on the desired darkness of                               the shadow.

     “V” – This technique is called the “V.” Again, starting at the outer corner of the eye, draw one line of the V up, again in your natural crease. The second line of the V will start at the outer corner of the eye and end at the middle of your eye on your lash line.

 “V” Under Eye – Start in the outer corner with your V brush and underline the lower lash line stopping in the middle of the eye.

      Sweep Away – With a large makeup brush, sweep away the translucent powder under the eyes.

      Contour – Using a bronzer or a contour, draw a “3” on your face. Start above your brow, the middle of the 3 comes in the temple, and the lower half of the 3 comes down along the side of your face and the bottom swoops underneath the cheek bone. Also contour under your jaw line, the bridge of your nose, and your chin. The idea is to hit all of the places the sun naturally would.

      Blush – Blush should be applied by starting by the middle of the ear, drawing a line to the tip of your nose. Avoid brushing in a back and forth motion, but instead, lift the brush up when you reach the tip of your nose and replace the brush back at the starting point to add more blush.

      Mascara – Apply your favorite brand of mascara. Start on the lower lashes, from the base of the lashes move the brush in a zig-zag motion toward the tip of the lashes. Use the same technique for the upper lashes.

      Lip Liner – Line your lips on the outside of your natural lip line. Fill in the corners of your top and bottom lips a quarter of the way in to the middle of your mouth. Apply lipstick over the liner and dab a bit of gloss on the middle of your bottom lip. Press lips together for your final touch!

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