KeelyStyle’s Beauty Commandments

1.)    Always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30!  This applies to men women, spring, summer, rain or shine.  I slipped one in my husband’s golf bag it is so important!

2.)    Make antioxidants your best friend.  You can eat them, drink them or wear them EVERYDAY!

3.)    Do not wash your hair 2 days in a row… for those of you that have oily hair; try a classic pony or dry shampoo to make it through the second day.  You will feel your hair adjust to new “every other day” schedule.

4.)    Wash your face every night before bed regardless of how tired or tipsy.  FYI: every night that you DO NOT wash you face you age 7 days!!!!

5.)    Take a multi-vitamin daily!

6.)    Everyone looks better with a hint of color.  Use bronzers, self tanners and spray tans.

7.)    Avoid frowning.  Just like your BFF in elementary school warned you, your face will stay that way.

8.)    DO NOT smoke!  Your skin turns yellow and so do your teeth!  Not to mention it cause wrinkles and worst of all, cancer!

9.)    Introduce acids into your skincare regimen.  Speak to your dermatologist but these acids include: glycolic, retinoic and salicylic, your skin will love you!

10.)Smile and hold your head high.  When you carry yourself with confidence you radiate beauty!

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