A New Trick For Lip Gloss!

Are you ready for this? Use lip gloss on your eye lids to make them POP! Believe it or not the Flapper girls of the 1920’s originally came up with this trick. BUT it is not for everyone unfortunately. It works magically with any skin type, but not every eye lid. There are two types of lids: dry & warm. If you have a dry lid, eye shadow goes on, and stays one quite well.  For those with warm lids, eye shadow needs a touch up right around lunch time. This trick does not work so well for warm lids because it fades so fast.

How do I do this, you ask?

  1. Apply primer or concealer.
  2. Use a dark pencil/gel/liquid to line your upper lid (this will create a beautiful contrast between the eye shadow and white of eyes)
  3. Apply eye shadow. Start at the outer corner of your eye with brush – sweep to the end of eye. Shadow should be darker on the outer corner and fade as it goes inward.
  4. ATTENTION – DAB, yes only a dab, thick lip gloss on the center of your lid. This is where the trick is. Only a dab with your finger or a brush. The gloss will spread as the day goes on.
  5. For some extra shine apply to your brow line.

There are a couple of options as far as color goes – clear, mauve, or honey colored.

Read the full article, “The Trick to Notice-Me-Eyes by Yahoo! Shine!

Keely Sig1

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