Colored Mascara – It’s SO In!

It seems like this look comes and goes (as does everything in fashion…), but it is back this season and better than ever! I think it is here to stay for a while!! Have fun with it – try some of these suggestions from Glamour!

colored mascara

1. Naked it good with gold lashes! Keep makeup to a minimal, especially around the eyes.

2. Eaasseee into color. Try some forest green mascara. It is great for brown eyes!!

3. Make ’em POP! With very little makeup, throw on some cobalt blue mascara. Can you say jaw dropper???

4. Go all out and make a statement. Mix colors on the bottom and top lashes. Try blue or purple with a neutral color like black or brown OR get dramatic with blue and purple.

My personal favorite is a mix of brown and blue, the combo really make my eyes stand out!

Keely Sig1

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