Awesome Tip for De-Pilling Your Clothes

Cotton&Curls posted a great blog about how to get rid of those annoying little lint balls left on your clothes after you wash them.


How to de-pill your clothing

One of my most frustrating things that I encounter in the thrifting/refashioning/and clothing in general world is pilling. Pilling is the balling up of fibers on your clothing. Aka, these black jeggings and sweater vest. Just to make a point, I wore them both the same day and shaved my entire outfit. Yes, shaved! Just borrowed the razor from the shower and some masking tape I had laying around and went at it. Or you could go buy a lint shaver from the store, but I find this to much more successful since I have done both. Just make sure to do it slowly so you don’t accidentally slice a hole in your clothing. I have done that before, sadly.
1. Wash
2. Shave
3. Use a lint roller or tape to pick up the pilling

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