One Item or 9?

I want to take you all on a journey with me as I share a day in the mind of a savvy shopper…

I was feeling generous on my birthday this year and purchased this WildFox sweater/ shirt for 265.00 at Nordstroms.  Normally I don’t spend this much on clothing unless it’s a timeless basic, shoes or a handbag… but it was my birthday, right?


Oddly enough, the beloved item sat in my closet because I was too afraid to wear it and waste its beauty on an unimportant day or though I thought.  It actually turns out that I just wasn’t comfortable with the price and was keeping it safe as I made up my mind.  In the meantime I began searching for similar looks that would feed my lightweight floral needs but at a price I was proud of!  And along came this beauty for 35.00.  You can see the differences when photographed side by side.  You be the judge, which one would you choose?


Since you’re dying to know what I chose I won’t leave you hanging… I chose the sweater and returned the Wildfox to Nordy’s unworn.


Because I was now left without a “happy birthday to me gift” I figured I know had 265.00 to use towards my purchase.  With the 265.00 I hit up one of my all time favorite stores (Marshall’s) and scored all of this for the 265.00 that the ONE sweater had initially cost.  Instead of one fabulous item I shopped intelligently and bought $$ instead!  Just look….


I’m always surprised when my clients or friends tell me they can’t shop at “bargain stores” such as Marshall’s.  The reason being that they are overwhelming!!!  I understand completely!!  When you think about it, if this is how you feel you can have moi, a stylist help you navigate through the store and you get the name brands, low prices and professional help and still come out for less than what you would pay at the mall.

I had so much fun with this “blog research”!  More to follow!  Happy Friday!!!!



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