The Key to Style: A Proper Fit

proper fitFor one to have “style” does not mean you have to break the bank or be too trendy for your taste. That is just one of the many misconceptions of style!!! You create your own look, and you add style in once everything you have laid out comes together. At the forefront of lying this foundation is finding a perfect fit every time, especially when shopping alone. A solid foundation consists of basics, you will then add in your “style basics”…here are some BASIC rules broken down for future spring shopping!

Tops – These are jackets, blazers, dresses, blouses, vests, etc.

Rule #1: the seam of the shoulder should match where your actual shoulder is and lay smoothly. If the shoulders stand up on their own, it is not a proper fit. You want to avoid a seam that is too small for your shoulders, or like your top is wearing you because the shoulders are too broad. A great fit will always be in style, so discard those items that are not a perfect fit.

Rule #2: Pay attention to the hem! This is small adjustment to make but extremely important. The length of your skirt will help you achieve figure flattering ensembles because the hem can determine body proportion.
Some good things to keep in mind– with jeans (boot cut, flare, trousers) make sure you wear a top that hangs below your hip bones. This will elongate your legs, which we all want, right?? However, when it comes to legging/jeggings, go looonnnggg. You can use your hand to measure – the top needs to come down to your middle finger (if it is a tad bit shorter it may be okay and use your judgment). In a perfect world the top will hang past the crotch of your pants. With form-fitting pants like leggings, too short of top can accentuate areas that we do not need and can make places look bigger so also pair leggings with tunic tops (tunics are too long to be a shirt and too short to be a dress).

Rule #3: No need to test the strength of your button down shirt. Keep those buttons in line without any gapes. I know some are bustier than others, but trust me, you can still find a perfect fit for a button down. When shopping for the perfect button down fit make sure to wear the bra you will typically be wearing with the blouse.

Rule #4: Do not use your sleeves as a glove. Sleeves should only go slightly past the wrist otherwise it can look sloppy.
Rule#5: Muffin tops will never EVER be in style. I understand pants can be extremely difficult to find a perfect fit in, but just keep your head down and power through because you CAN and WILL find it!! Do not blame your body…take EVERY single pair of pants out of your closet that create a muffin top. There are two reasons as to why a muffin top exists:

1) Wrong size overall

2) Waistband is too small

It is time to learn your actual pant size. First lesson in this – your pant size should be more than one number. You need two numbers – height and width. A mid rise pant – not past your belly button – can help eliminate this muffin top.

Rule #6: This is the hardest rule to master – how long should the hem be?? Well my dears, that depends on what type of pant you are wearing, along with the type of shoe. I will be doing a blog that goes further in-depth with this, but for now just know that your pants should not be dragging on the floor…ever. This creates a frumpy, unfitted look…which again, will never be in style. Make sure the hem is touching the top of your foot.

Those are just the basics, stay tuned for more tips on these guidelines that can be tricky until mastered!!!

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