Organizing Your Closet 101


As you transition your closet from winter to spring, things can get jumbled and piles start to form!! Start the spring out right with a clean, wearer-friendly closet.  Here are some great tips that I use season after season.

Step #1: Part ways with old clothes. My golden rule is if you haven’t wore it for a year, say goodbye. Items that are too big or too small also need to go, they are just taking up space for clothes that you CAN and WILL wear. If you cannot see it, you won’t wear it. Finally, ask yourself, “Would I buy this today?” and if the answer is a big fat NO that means it is time to GO!

Step #2: Find a good storage process. If you struggle in this area there are plenty of professionals out there who would love to help and are very affordable. Sometimes it is worth the money to create a foundation for your closet that you can refer back to season after season. If you feel comfortable going for it on your own, GREAT! The container store is a great place to start. When I recently re-organized some of my t-shirts I found the baskets from Target to be extremely helpful! I also love the velvet, no slip hangers from Costco.

Threshold™ Rattan Folio Bin with Liner

Step #3: Get organizing!



If you can hang all of your tops without overcrowding, go for it. Unfortunately, I do not have enough room so I use the baskets from Target for my t-shirts. I searched high and low for the perfect way to fold them so that I could easily see them and Pinterest had a great post! Hang tops by sleeve length and color.



I never ever hang my sweaters for 2 reasons:

1. Sweaters tend to lose shape when hung

2. Sweaters take up a lot of room.

I suggest folding them and keeping them in cubbies.


All of my jeans are hung and organized by type (trouser, boyfriend, skinny, etc) and from light to dark. If you cannot hang them, you can fold them with the same organizing method.



Hang with clips! This makes every item easy to see. Be sure to fold in the sides so that a crease is not left on the outside. The only exception for me is leggings/jeggings. I roll them into a tight ball and have a bin for them.


Like tops, hang by sleeve length and color. This makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. NEVER leave them in the dry cleaning bag; this can cause damage to a beautiful dress.



 Bags are like everything else in the closet: if you can’t see them, you won’t use them. Who doesn’t like to swap out bags for certain outfits? Make this easier by leaving your bags visible, whether it be using a hanger or stacking them on a shelf.


Hats can be placed on a shelf or even put in a container and stacked.


Scarves can be organized in a number of ways. The best way that I have found is by using a scarf hanger. I suggest getting a few of these depending on how many scarves you own because it can get a little congested, making it hard to see every scarf. You can also create piles for your scarves.



Never leave your shoes in the original shoe box! I use clear containers and make each side of the shoe visible. You can also take a picture of your shoes and place it on the outside of the container. Boots can be hung using boot hangers, which are great for maintaining the shape. Find a hidden place for flip flops and tennis when out of season.


There are so many amazing tools out there to help organize lingerie. I use this handy organizer! Again, the container store is a great place for these kinds of projects. Pinterest also has some great ideas for DYI organizing.  (THIS IS JUST ONE I LOVE>>>>>>>

Diamond-Shape Drawer Organizer - White Cut shoe boxes in half to create organization within your lingerie drawer ;)



I love hanging my necklaces so that they are easily seen and do NOT get tangled! I keep a jewelry box for smaller items that cannot be hung (earring studs) and use paper towel roll holder to stack my bracelets on so I can see and wear them all!  I also love displaying  my dangle earrings on the inside of my closet door using this organizer and hanging each pair on the outside of each pocket using the lip.

Again, this way I can see my entire collection and easily chose!

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