REI Trip A Success

Since my husband had surgery in the middle of last week and was laid up on top of the fact we were snowed in yesterday, I knew what was coming this morning… an agenda of unnecessary errands merely to get out of the house.  You see I’m on the go and out so much that I Look forward to the weekends to relax and cuddle the hub and the BG and couldn’t be more content doing just that.  However, the hub is feeling the opposite right now as he is home during the evenings with the BG so when the weekend comes he is ready to be out and about and with the added cooped up conditions from this past week I mentioned I happily obliged!

The whole process was so enjoyable and I had some proud mama bear moments.  See, ever since the BG was a baby I always promoted shopping outings as our special time together and for her to be my shopping buddy and helper and the big responsibilities that came along with accepting the role of the “shopping buddy”.  This morning when I told her we would be getting dressed for a shopping putting she asked if she could wear her new scarf that we bought on Larimer street ( last weekend.  The thought of her in the scarf was enough by itself but the fact she requested it was pure joy.
She looked darling and asked me if I wanted to take a picture- ummm let me show you the answer.
Before we walked out the door she accessorized with her owl cross over and silver Uggs.  Again, no arguments! –

kinzOur errands today included REI.  Every time we “have” to go to REI I just laugh to myself because I used to loath it with just the thought that there would be nothing there for me to shop for.  Not my style whatsoever.  Over time and as I have become the seasoned shopper I am I have found that I too can enjoy a hefty and lovely shopping experience at a store that offers items promoting activities which most I don’t participate in…
We head to Mexico next week for our family vacation and REI has proven to never disappoint while allowing us to stock up on things we had no idea we “needed”.  The first item we picked up today was a water proof iPad cover to use on the beach.  Smart, right?
What followed was my highlight.  Shoe shopping for the BG.  Last spring we also vacationed in Mexico and purchased her a pair of Keens a littler larger than her normal size so they would last all summer.  They did indeed but I never encouraged her wearing them anywhere but on the beach.  They were the “go to’s” when dad dressed her but she always fought it and chose something else.  He couldn’t figure this out until one day he told me that she just didn’t like them because they weren’t girlie enough.  Knowing my BG as well as do, he was right, another proud mama bear moment.  I have never pushed my love for style, clothing, fashion and shopping for the perfect find on her but it does seem as though she is right at home with it all and enjoys it almost as much as me.Of course I love this but will always support her in anything she is passionate about.
We obviously didn’t want to make the same mistake as last summer and purchase shoes for the now 3.5 year old that is full of strong opinions.  We needed a practical shoe that was girlie enough.

The keen like shoes this season were much cuter and there was a competitor brand that were similar with cupcakes on them!!  Perfect!  Someone got the memo.  Shoe shopping was so fun because it was a site watching her work.  “What about these mom?”  Oh!!  I love these!!”  “These are adorable!”  We decided on 2 pairs and one were the cupcake pair, duh:)

kinz2I also took a peek at the shoes and winced at the ones with the toes in them (no words) but spotted a fun, colorful and super lightweight and functional pair of kicks.  Justification for purchasing?  They are so much lighter than my tennis shoes and would be easier to pack:) They are more spring like too:)
From there we wandered over to the kids and women’s section which again, I always doubt I will find anything that I can’t live without.  By now I should no better than to judge.  I found some great beach staples and am very happy with my purchases!  My only not “in love” factor is the sticker price.  You know I’m a Marshall’s and TJ Maxx girl at heart but my favorite store is Nordstrom’s so I have a good balance when it comes to a price tag.  The items I bought at REI just seemed pricey to me.  When I told my hub this he said he thought their stuff was reasonably priced and explained REI is owned by the members.  I wasn’t about to point out the my Patagonia sun dress was 69.00!  Once I tried it on at home the price made all the sense in the world to the hub and me!  It is the most incredible fabric blend and has a built-in bra!!!


I am a sucker for anything that will blow in the breeze when on a beach vacation.  This includes linen, skirts and wraps to name just a few…  I found this light weight cotton skirt and immediately knew I would be the proud owner.  Everything about it just made sense.  This skirt will be worn with everything under the sun!!


Lastly, I am a swim suit snob.  I work hard at the gym and believe in a great quality suit to insure an even better fit.  The other item that was on mental “items to purchase for Mexico” list were some cute board shorts.  I love these for the last 3 days of vacation while I’m not feeling 100% about the beach bod anymore due to a few Corona Lights here and there.
All in all we ended up with some fabulous beach staples, BG and mom fed the shopping beast and the hub didn’t go stir crazy after all!  The world made sense again:)

Happy Spring Break season to you, all my lovelies!


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