The Student Shopping for the Teacher

Hey everybody! My name is Alysha and I work for Keely. I have known her for almost 4 years now and I just started working for her this year. Every day I learn something new from her about the styling bizz and it is awesome. It has only been a few months and my closet already looks better ;P

Well while she is vacationing in Mexico with the hubby and the little one, Derek Lam’s new clothing line came out on the shelves at Kohls! She asked me to go pick out some stuff for her….um what? In my head I am thinking, “Oh so you can take everything back when you return?” Ha! I actually surprised myself a little bit while shopping…so here it goes.



This look is definitely in this season, so I had to grab it. I had to dress this one up a little to show how stinkin’cute it actually is! I snagged one of Keely’s leopard skinny belts for the waist. As Keely would say, darling right??…..Kind of wishing I would have picked up two now….


I think this skirt is so cute and the color screamed Keely to me, it might look a little dull in the picture, but it has a really pretty pink undertone to it. It does not look like your typical long skirt, which one reason why I thought Keely would love it. Skirts are definitely a great go to this year!


I immediately picked up the pants for a couple of reasons:

1. The color is perfect for spring, and this spring is all about color in the fashion world.

2. Pretty sure Keely is going to love these, and the color will look great on her!

The top was cute and went really well with the pants. I saw it on a poster and loved it!


Alright, this one I wasn’t so sure about…and still am not. I know it looks like a jumpsuit in the picture, but it is indeed a dress. I saw this on a manikin and wanted it for myself! It is so cute on…and I was just following the rule – if it looks ugly on the shelf it will look great on!

Well turns out I did pretty good!!! Of course the moment I get done shopping she starts sending me pictures of the things she wants! I only missed a couple 😉

image (1) image (2)


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