Weekly WANTS

Now why I haven’t thought of this sooner I’m just not sure….
I’m the girl that LOVES to shop!  Vacationing in Mexico right now and while at the Wal-Mart my husband had to come find my because I had wandered off and was trying on Ray-Bans.  I can shop anytime and anywhere.  That’s why if you ever peeked at my Mac Book Air you would discover gobs of sites opened and all with shopping carts full of goodies.  I normally don’t actually complete the order but there’s just something about filling the cart.  This was so much fun as well.  Weekly wants… a few items that made it into the site shopping carts.  I hope you enjoy!

Neutral and snake skin heels-  This combination is like the nude heel staple of the season

Tory burch flats- Another practical shoe staple

Button Down tie- Anthro

(Sorry I can’t get a pic but click the link! You will be glad you did!)


T-shirt dress- ASOS- Now this one I meant to purchase and when I went back the next day they were out of my size…. BOO!  I don’t think I would take this thing off all summer.  The name says it all!!!!

Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt Dress With Dipped Back Hem
Short suit- Neimans- A classic!

Rachel Zoe Dress- Neimans!  Dreamy and romantic and could be taken from beach side to date night with a quick accessory swap!


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