Kate Young for Target – Not What I Had Hoped For

Sunday morning I had the most wonderful, tickled pink feeling that I get every time a new line is launching at Target.  My husband had to work which was perfect because I didn’t need to make up a hair brained excuses to go to target!!  Once he headed out so did the BG and I… she was just as excited as I was but I’m not sure she fully understood why until we arrived and she was bolting for the dollar bins. Oh how clever our retailers are. I let her experience her shopping magic while I scouted out mine.


As we bee lined it to the Kate Young area my face saddened but I remained hopeful.  It appeared there were 2 small racks and that was all.  I perused the area and the items to get my bearings and there were 3 racks and what was most disappointing was what was hanging on them. The styles, lines and fabrics all reminded me of what you would expect from Forever 21. Let’s just say I had higher hopes for the line.  Based on my previous experiences I was over the moon about the quality and the fabrics used for the pieces and that was what I noticed even more when I tried on a few things from the Kate Young line, the quality was lacking. Now, in the defense of the Kate Young line, they had a terribly small selection which is out of charter for this Target as I walked out with practically the whole line for Jason Wu, Nieman’s and Prabal Gurung!!  Maybe if I would have see the entire collection I would feel differently.  I have the prior experiences mentioned to compare the Kate Young line to and I was sad!!!  As far as clothing, me, Keely, I walked out of target with a nautical scarf for me and a cardigan for the BG…. that’s IT for clothing!!! A very rare shopping trip for me.  I did hit the home storage section and picked up all my storage bins for packing my winter stuff away, just in time for the 9 inches of snow we received last night. Good thing I’m a planner.  My Nikon went in to Target and left unused… sad face for Kate Young for Target.

041213-kate-young-target-623Prove me wrong or do you agree?  What was your experience wight he Kate Young line?

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