wHat is Your Spring Go-To??

With all of the unpredictable weather in Colorado lately, use hats to be two steps ahead. Hats are so fun, fashion forward, and no one needs to know what is going on underneath them. There are so many hats to choose from. What will be your go-to hat choice?

Fedora – Classic – goes with everything from a style and seasonal stand point.


Wide brim wool hatGreat for outfits with layers and wet weather because the brim of the hat is wide and will cover the majority of your hair.

Wool brim

Baseball Cap – Fun and flirt, If you are in an environment where you can pull off this look. This look can be dressed up.

Baseball hats

Turban – This is a great accessory to tame the hair around your face if the rest of your hair will cooperate with this unpredictable weather. It is great for on the go!


Please send me your photos as we are always looking for new ideas and inspiration! If your photo is featured you could win a Visa gift card!

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