Spring GO TO Staple

Striped/Nautical Top

In recent blogs I have mentioned the importance of basics over and over.  The best advice I could give you as a stylist is to have the basics in your wardrobe.  I can’t tell you how many closets I have visited where the client is at a loss with what to wear and it is all because she doesn’t own the basics.

With spring here I want to highly recommend a major staple and basic in my book!  This staple will compliment your wardrobe all year long but there is just something extra special when styling it for spring!!


Any guesses?  I’m talking about the nautical shirt.  If you don’t already own one do yourself a huge favor and pick one up!  Mine is a fitted, ¾ sleeve length Navy with white strips (which I also recommend for styling purposes) from French Connection and I were it constantly!  In fact, I wear it so much that I should think about purchasing a back up because I’m not sure what my plan B is when mine bites the dust!

nautical shirt

Why is this simple shirt such a basic and the answer is that it goes with everything!  Here are just a few ideas I put together with my client’s nautical shirts!

Now, where to get one?  I have found that purchasing the nautical shirt in person and being able to try it on has worked best for me.  This is because I do like mine fitted so it is great for layering in the fall too. Marshalls has a great variety of nautical tops!

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