Lust Bag

Ohhh the delicious wants and needs of a simple girl…

This weekend I packed (more on that to come) and traveled to Vegas for work but I never feel right about calling it that because I love what I do for work so much! I get to help the most incredible and positive, company launch the #1 anti aging product in the world!!!
I was so excited for this trip as I knew I was seeing my family and friends. Our close-knit group is a group of fun girls with similar fashion tastes and even some with obsessions like mine. I felt for the most part pretty prepared when it came to shoes, accessories and ensembles for they costume changes for all the events over the weekend. However, the worst feeling is making a conscious decision gone wrong, hence this blog.
I have a nice collection of what I call my “professional” or “briefcase bags”… Instead of selecting one of those I chose my GYM BAG!!! Why, you ask??? I am asking myself the same question as I set my bag down amongst a sea of beautiful over sized Louie’s!!

photo (1)

As the weekend progressed I was glad I had the sweat sac with as I was able to lug my gallon on Crystal Light, lunch and notebooks for notes, IPad for research AND everything else that ended up in there!!! It did dawn on me and is now at the top of my priority shopping list to get a big girl work bag. Soooo, now that that’s been decided, which one??

As practical as I am I would love to spring for the Arsty Loius however, I have set a stretch goal for myself to work and earn it. Will keep you posted on the progress….

In the meantime I scored this Michael Kors leather brief(case) bag that I am head over heels with! It goes with EVERYTHING under the sun and snow and fits EVERYTHING (a lot to ask when lunches and on the go snacks are involved).
What is your LUST bag and what bag are you carrying if it’s not currently your LUST??
What are your thoughts on sharing your stretch goals and having support and friends cheering you along the way as you work for your LUST bag? Would love to have you on board…


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