Metallic Moment


You have probably read and started to see glimpses of metallic shine once again in street style. This trend has re-launched or shall I call it a comeback? Trends as we all know come in and go out and we typically have love hate relationships with them wondering how we ever lived with out to the polar opposite of “we would never be caught dead in that”. This cycle has always been a fascination to me as it shows that we can and are heavily influenced by what we see and read. Think of similar trends such as metallic, camp, animal print, leather… all of these items mom regretted giving away the piece she rocked these trends with meaning “recycled”. Camo as well as animal print I must say have been on trend for much longer than expected which means we probably bought more pieces than the typical trend cycle. Clients always ask me “do I save or toss”? When it comes to these trends that cycle through again and again this is an important choice to be considered because why toss when the trend will be baccckkkk? Now, that being said, the trends will and do come back and they are always updated. This means that unless your piece is a classic style and cut it may not be worth saving. I see pieces all the time that are of the recycled trends but are dated and look more like a throw back from the 80’s… hey, wait a minute!!! We are now re-rocking this trend even though many refuse not to! It’s so hard to say in a general blog whether a piece should stay or go without seeing it but maybe these guidelines will help.

Picture11.) Do you have the storage space? If you will need to rent a storage space to store all these items it is most likely not worth it to hang on to them.

2.) Does it fit the way it used to? You want a good, natural fit. For example, the everlasting Leather Jacket – you want to make sure the shoulders fit well, and also the lengths of the sleeves are to your wrists.

3.) What material are you working with? Every material is different; some hold out better than others. You want to make sure the pieces you are holding on to are a sturdy material like wool or silk for tops and for denim (like our favorite skinny jeans), are a high end material.

4.) How youthful is it? Steer clear from hanging on to pieces with a youthful look to them, such as ruffles, bright colors, “bling”, etc. These pieces may not be flattering when they come back around. If you have the space though, you can always keep them for your daughters, they will thank you later!
5.) Does it scream “in the moment fashion”? If so, say goodbye. These would be things like, bold neon leggings or those ankle booties with the fold over flaps.

Picture56.) Is your animal print a “large cat”? If so, keep!! Meaning, if your animal print is leopard or cheetah, go ahead and put them in safe keeping BUT make sure they are natural looking, that the prints are close to “real life.” Also hold on to black and white zebra print, and yes I said BLACK AND WHITE, not neon zebra print.

7.) When it comes to shoes, are they comfy? If not then why in the world would you keep them? It is all about height, comfort, and condition. If they are more than 4 inches, it is probably best to part ways. If they are not comfortable, part ways…immediately. They have to be in great condition, every shoe is different, especially when it comes to wedges. Wedges come back the exact same every year, but cork material wears and tears very easily.

8.) What about accessories? Keep, keep, keep!!!! It is so easy to rock a recycled trend with a clutch, a belt, purse, etc. Again, just make sure the material is in good condition and that it is not too youthful!


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