Editing Your Closet Like A Pro

I know we are well into spring with it being the middle of May (already?!), but I am sure some of you are still working on cleaning out your closets for spring and summer.

Use these guidelines to ensure you are well prepared!


  • Use the same type of hanger & hang every piece in the same direction to create a nice flow, making it easier to get dressed!
  • Arrange your clothes by detail: color, sleeve length, style, etc.


  • Make your jewelry visible and easily accessible for a stylish and hassle free wardrobe!


  • Display your favorite pieces
  • Bring pieces you do not wear too often front and center (or get rid of it – why keep it if you aren’t going to wear it?)


  • Hang your pants & denim for easy access – this allows you to see what you are working with and not forget about a perfect pair of pants you found months ago!


  • Have fun with your shoes! Use clear containers to show them off & keep them in good condition or if you can, put them out for show.
  • Keep the shape of your boots by hanging them.


  • If it is not in season…pack it up! This will create more space in your closet allowing you to remain organized…and also allows for more space for new must haves 😉


  • Go with the 2 year rule – if you have not worn it for 2 years, it is time to say goodbye.
  • Make a pile of items you no longer want and plan to donate them ASAP.

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